Good Monday Morning

Down another 2.6lbs from last week.  I was pretty surprised since my trend has been a pound a week, so I’m extra motivated and happy this morning!  Oh, and I never posted on my goal to hold an elbow plank for 3 minutes…..I did it!  And it was hard, but I felt really good afterwards.  I’ve still been keeping up with the plank holds every other day, as they are just so darn good for your overall core strength 🙂

(I’m halfway to my goal weight I set out for back in October. 25 lbs down, 25 more to go!)

plankMade some really good bacon brussels sprouts recently.  Cooked some bacon then sauteed the sprouts in some of the bacon fat.  I’m pretty sure that if you don’t like these and you try it this way, you’ll start to love them.  SO good.  Oh, and I threw in one of our stock cubes (about 1/2 cup) at the end to braise them a bit to get them all soft.  Served with some grilled chicken.


stirfryI’m a big fan of eating foods bright in color when you can.  Purple cabbage has been a favorite of mine for the past month or so in this “stir fry” dish.

thursskiingTook Sam skiing on Thursday and then again on Saturday.  Dan came with us and hung out on the deck of the lodge.  At least he got out of the house and out of the yucky valley smog for a few hours.  His 2 week post opt appt. is on Wed.  He is SO ready to get the bandages off and not have to walk in his silly shoe…on the road to recovery!

apresskiAfter skiing hanging out.  He LOVES this place!  And he did so, so good.  The past few times we’ve been he’s just been so sad/mad/unhappy when we go on the rope tows and keeps asking to go on the lift.  Our neighbors gave us a ski harness last year and I though “who uses these things?”  Well, we do!  He was SO happy when we rode the lift.  He cried for a couple minutes and then got way into doing his stop and goes (pizza, french fries!)  As long as he’s having fun, that’s what I care about at this point.  This video is mostly for Grandpa Mike 🙂

legosWe’ve been building lego’s a lot around here, passing the time.  Sam is still a bit scared to do his poops on the potty (TMI for some of you, sorry!) but we’re working on it and he had success today. (he’s already gone five times, but still hesitant) We have lots of Miralax going on and it’s helping.  I know it’ll get better for him with time 🙂

We are back to our work and kinder care routine.  Two weeks off was nice, but I have to say I really enjoyed working yesterday and this pace of daily life again.   Oh, and did I mention it’s Birthday Week for Sam!!!  Wahooo for turning Three this Sunday AND having Grandma Jane and Aunt Kelly in town soon.

Party over here!


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