New Year’s and the haps

We had a very mellow and relaxing New Year’s Eve.

Janie turned TWO and we partied in their church gym.  Seriously, such a good place for a little party or just to play and get energy out when it’s freezing outside.

janepartyHappy Two years old!

scootingHe was a bit obsessed with this awesome scooter.

nyedinnerWent to an early dinner to celebrate 2013.  One of our go-to places by our house.  Tin Roof Grill.  I get the lettuce wraps almost everytime 🙂

nyeveWe were back home and all cozy by 6:15pm.  I would have loved to go to the Alta Torchlight parade like we have in year’s past, but with Dan’s foot like this, we just needed to stay home (and close to a potty for Sam :))  Sam was in bed by 8pm and we were out by 10:30.  We woke briefly at midnight since our neighbors love doing fireworks, but went right back to sleep.  We all slept til about 8am, which was wonderful!

Yesterday I went to spin class with Ali and did some sledding with Ali and friends right after.

ussledding2pinksledSOOOO fun!

dornfamily2This is my Grandpa Van Dorn.  (aka Grandpa Dorn)  Sadly, it’s been years since we’ve seen him.   He lives in Orem and we all decided to go visit him yesterday.  He is such a sweet little old man.  I love him.  Despite how weak he’s getting and his hearing he seems to be all there.  He was SO appreciative and glad we came and asked that we come again soon.  I could tell he just loved having his family around him…who wouldn’t? 🙂  Justin and Kerrah made it from St. George after we were there, but we did see them at dinner.  He got to see all five of us and our kids yesterday.  So awesome.

dornfamily3I definitely won’t wait so long again to visit next time.

I was asking Dan the other night if we had resolutions or if he did.  My resolution to change my lifestyle started back in October.  I’d normally say I want to lose weight and be healthier, but I’ve said that every year and I know many people do the same and end up only getting party way or failing.  I think that’s part of why I just decided to start in random month last year 🙂  I would however like to write more in my journal about my healing and grieving process and just daily and weekly things about Sam.   As a family we want to go camping and travel more.  But mostly, we just want less heartbreak and to be healthy and happy in 2013 and the years to come.  My resolution or goal for Sam is to have him start learning to ride his pedal bike.  Simple and fun!


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