Good Monday Morning{Happy New Year}

We had to say goodbye to Grandpa yesterday morning.  Leaving is always the hardest part, but we’ll see him again in another couple months I’m sure!

gpasamThey adore each other.  Like, times ten to the max 🙂


He was out sledding with Sam the last two afternoons forever.  Up and down, up and down.  Over and over.  I love that he likes to keep his helmet on, even though he was done riding his bike.  Safe sledding…always 😉

I am beyond thankful each and every time Grandpa Mike is here.  He plays and plays with Sam til they are both tired.  This visit I was especially thankful for since Sam has been potty training and Dan had surgery.  Just having him around to help was SO needed.

pottychartsammom2So proud of him for doing so well with such a big change in his life and just going with it.  Almost no problems at all these first 7 days.

And really, when you have to stay close to home and near the potty for X amount of days, having the company around is really needed.  So glad it all worked out this way.   He encouraged Sam to use the toilet and celebrated everytime we did for his accomplishments.  I even got to sneak out for a bit of shopping and gym time while Grandpa held down the fort.  Ugh, we miss you already!

cousinsSiri and Janie came to keep us company as well while we had to stay home.  He really needed that visit!

ustsunamiHad a yummy dinner out to Tsunami before Mike left.  I love this guy.  A lot.

sprintAnd on this Monday,  New Year’s Eve I’m down another 1lb.  I got in a bunch of good workouts last week, but also ate quite a bit…treats included!  I also went way out of my comfort zone on Saturday afternoon and did running sprints.  I’m not a runner, but more weight I lose, the easier it is to actually not hate running 🙂  These sprints were hard but I felt really great afterwards.   Today is the last day of my plank challenge.  My goal is to hold it for 3 minutes.  I’ll report back later on that as well as a New Year’s post in the next couple days.

Happy New Year!


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