Christmas Day

IMG_3461Sam came down with a rotten cold on Christmas Eve, so he was up a couple times in the night.  He needed another nose wipe about 6:20am and then promptly fell back asleep til we woke him at 8.  I almost couldn’t believe that I was the one awake, waiting for Sam to come see what Santa brought.  I was seriously giddy with excitement.  It was so pretty outside from all the snow.  I had the music playing and Dan was just getting out of bed when I took this.

IMG_3465“Open presents please!”  I thought he’d have the biggest, most happy reaction to his pedal bike but honestly, he just kind of walked past it and wanted to open the gifts and had the funniest,  most amazed reaction to the silly little chocolate advent that was sitting by his stocking.  He was even more excited for his underwear!  Just the actual opening of presents (no matter what was inside) was what he wanted and was most interested it.  He would say, “let’s open another one…what is it? what is it Mom?!”

legosHe got some big and small legos from Grandpa Mike.  I’m excited to keep adding to this bucket.  We built a helicopter, trucks and a house already.  Seems to really like it.  He was also spoiled with lots of new undies and more PJ’s.

airplaneThe best gift of all though was this random tiny airplane I put in his stocking.  I thought he’d just put it aside after he saw his bike and other few things but no, he had to hold, sleep and play with it all day long.  It was a hit!

IMG_3474Merry Christmas Naomi Jane.

eggsalsaWe made a quick breakfast scramble with our neighbors salsa on top.  Delicious!  This was about all we had to eat since I knew we’d be having a feast up at my Mom’s later.

giftsSanta was generous to us as well.  I am thankful.  That dutch oven will be put to VERY good use.

pottyfunWhile we were not planning to start this whole potty training thing until the day after, Sam asked to put his undies on and just naturally told us when he needed to go.   I’m sure no one wants to start potty training on a day like Christmas, but he had it in his head the whole month that when Santa came, there were no more diapers and he took it to heart.  So proud of him.

jammies2Sam played and played and played with his cousins all afternoon and night.  Grandma Carol was so nice and gave them all PJ’s.  I love that tradition.

thespreadWe ate {lots} of amazing food.  I probably ate too much!

fire2Sat by the fire with family and just hung out and talked.  It was pretty awesome and perfect.

samhoho2Our {almost} three year old elf.  I love his cuteness and I’m so thankful and blessed that we can provide gifts and a special Christmas for him.

watchingsnowHe definitely came around to liking the bike 🙂  We spent pretty much all day at home yesterday to be close to the bathroom.  He went up to the window to watch the snow many times on the bike.  He’s done great the last 2.5 days with few accidents and lots of successes…although seems he’s afraid to poop.  He’ll say he needs to go, but then freezes up and won’t go.   Hasn’t done a good one yet and that’s three days of holding it in.  I know we’ll get there soon, but I hope to be able to keep letting him know that it’s totally fine to “do poops” in the potty and hoping we can celebrate big when it happens.  (TMI maybe?, sorry:)

gpapresentsDan is at the hospital now getting his toe surgery.  I’m so glad he’s getting this done and will finally be on the road to recovery and back to his normal life.  Grandpa Mike is there with him and here for a couple days.  SO thankful and glad he’s here to play with Sam, help us out and just be with us.


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