Christmas Eve

Buckwheat waffles, syrup and sprinkles!  Delicious.

IMG_3434IMG_3431He especially loved to shake the sprinkles on.  There were A LOT of them on that plate 🙂

A while after waffles Sam and I headed to the gym.  After a super sweaty and good spin class, we came home and just relaxed and hungout.  It started to snow.  A lot.  I somehow thought it would be a good idea to go out and grab a few last minute things in that snow.  I’ve learned my lesson and won’t do that again in the years to come.  Yikes!

eveusevefeastOur Christmas Eve feast was devoured at 3pm.  Just us, right before Sam was up from his nap. It was awesome and quiet.  Dan did a slow cooked dutch oven pot roast.  Holyeeee cow! So good.  Roasted veggies and a mash of a few small potatoes and a head of cauliflower.  Juices from the meat on top.  I had leftovers today for lunch and it was just as good, if not better!

santacookiesWent to a friends party that evening and dropped by Ali and Mark’s.  Went home to our cozy tree lights.  Sam opened a new book and PJ’s and then he picked out, one by one the cookies he wanted to leave for Santa.  I loved how into it he was.

eggnogEggnog Gelato after Sam went to bed.

Cozy and mellow…just our style.  More on Christmas and some potty training tomorrow!


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