Twas the Night Before Christmas…

…and all through the house, we heard a Sam reading as quiet as a mouse…. (4:49mins)

We visited and wished Naomi Merry Christmas yesterday.  Sam was so nice and so good and always speaks so kindly when we are at “Naomi’s park”  It was a tender 20 minutes and despite feeling sad, I have to say I just smiled so big when we all hugged as a family standing around her.  Our family of FOUR.



It’s also Good Monday Morning around here, too!  I’m down another 1lb from last week and I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough.  I was 175 when I raced last summer…that lasted about a month.  The only other time I can remember being in the 170’s was back in 1999 when I went on a family trip to Mexico.  Yeah, a LONG time ago.  I seem to just struggle and stay at 180 or above all.the.time.

179I’m proud of my hard work and continued dedication to reaching my goal.  Down 21 pounds so far.  Today and tomorrow I will indulge a little.  I’m also about to enjoy Dan’s yummy Buckwheat waffles for our Christmas Eve breakfast.  His slow cooking pot roast and potato/cauliflower mash tonight and my Mom’s amazing food tomorrow night.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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