Good Monday Morning

Another fun holiday weekend and a few pics from last week…

kateprogram2Took Siri and Sam to Kate’s  kindergarten program last week.  She did SO great and all of the kids were just so good and sang so well!  And I just have to mention how sad and heavy my heart is for all of the families in CT right now.  I mean, I know what the loss of a child feels like, but knowing that child for 5+ years takes on a whole new meaning and loss. It’s unbearable.  Unimaginable.  I was kept awake Saturday night just thinking about it and hoping for their peace and comfort at this time.  There are just no words sometimes.


preschoolxmasSam also had a little “pre school” program on Friday afternoon.  They were too cute and had been practicing for two weeks to do this song with actions.  Of course, he stood there quiet but really good the whole time.  I was just so glad that he went up with his class and didn’t stay back with me.  So proud of him!

snowGot a bunch of snow as well.

sledding2Makes for super fun sledding with Dad!

phosoupsamSam seriously loves the Pho Noodle soup broth.  He had two cups of it.  YUM. He’s also getting really good at leaning over and eating with that spoon.  One of our favorite, cheap places to eat called -Oh Mai.

ohmai2I especially love their honey glazed pork lettuce wrap.  Oh wow, so good.

alispin2Saturday morning Ali joined me for spin class.  So fun to workout with family.  My favorite and go she and her cute belly!

elfsam2We’ve been watching a lot of Elf the movie around here. He really loves when the raccoon jumps on Buddy.  He yells everytime 🙂

caramelDan made this amazing caramel sauce for part of our dessert at family dinner last night. Holy cow good.

whitexmasWatched Siri and Jane Friday night.  After I put them to bed I got cozy and watched White Christmas alone.  It was so nice!broccolisoup2And we’ve been making some yummy food around here.  Last week Dan did his Broccoli Chedder soup.  Huge broccoli flavor.  Love it.  Ate some grilled chicken along side.

dinnerRoasted veggies with more grilled chicken. One of the fastest and easiest and tastiest dinners we do are any veggies roasted (I like to throw some chili powder along with EVOO and salt.) and some sort of grilled meat.  Doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, we use our grill.

I’m down 1lb from last week.  Success!  Losing weight is hard though.  Really hard.  I’ve been a little frustrated lately, only because there are SO many temptations around this month.  There are homemade treats, parties and get together’s to go to and just in general, it’s hard right now.  I have gotten 100% better with how I look at food and what I feel makes me satisfied but really…it’s tough!  I’m moving in the right direction though and that’s all that matters.  I feel good, lots of energy, my clothes are fitting really well (and even loose!) and that’s what matters.  Keep moving forward!


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