I love him

This post is all about Dan.  Why?  Because…. why not?!

He’s the best husband and friend.

cutehoodriverThe best Dad

dadsamsnowIMG_20120713_164514IMG_20121104_173534Dean FAM_036Such a good son and brother as well

IMG_2656And an AMAZING athlete…just to name a few of his most awesome qualities!

CIMG2823danmoab2Dan DeanAnd speaking of being an amazing athlete…times have been tough for Dan since Naomi was born.  His toe has been hurting him for the last 5 months to the point that he can’t really run around with Sam, no running on the trails or training for races, no crossfit type activity, no real skiing.  He’s been more of a “couch potato” since he had to pull out of his 50 miler last March (cause of his knee) than I’ve ever known or seen him be.  I know how much I love to ride my bike…it’s an outlet for me and a place to think, not be bothered, get a good workout in and in general, it just makes me happy.  So the fact that Dan hasn’t been able to run or train for any races I know, has been so hard for him.  He’s just not himself without that aspect of his life and I know he REALLY, really misses it.  So although no one wants surgery or the bills that come with it, he gladly welcomes it come December 27th.  Yes, it’s right after Christmas and yes, we’ll be in the midst of potty training but really?  Dan and his overall health and well being are most important right now.  I hope that his recovery goes smoothly and that he’ll return to his ultra’s once again…I know he will!

I love you.  The mostest.


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