Good Monday Morning

Happy 5 month angel birthday to our sweet girl.  I had a vision of how the holidays would be when I was pregnant with her and even though it didn’t turn out the way I planned, thought and just knew it would be I’m feeling calm and peaceful.   A good place to be.


Another fun weekend! This one full of socializing, holiday party time and some relaxing…and good food of course!  Friday was our annual girls night to bake our favorite Swedish spritz cookies and exchange some other yummy treats with my sisters, in laws and Mom.

mombakingMy cute Mom and her totally awesome and old stand up Mixer.  We use this every single year for the cookies.  I LOVE it!


The goods.  Missing is Kerrah’s totally awesome thin mints.  They’re in the freezer 🙂  Sheri made peppermint bark, Ali and did the pretzels and Jenn made the caramels and fudge.  I love this tradition and my neighbors are thanking me this year, as I gave most of it away already.  Kept a small stash for Sam, caramels for Dan and I to share and some cookies for Santa on Christmas eve 🙂   You might say I’m crazy for giving most of this home baked goodness away,  but this year I just have to and I’m 100% OK with it.

IMG_3410Our cute neighbor Linda made this house for Sam since he couldn’t make it to their party yesterday.  So nice and so cute.  He loves it!

boysbikingTook Sam to a super fun little friends party.   These are our ski and bikes friends that now all have kids, it’s so fun!  There were a lot of boys and biking in their basement.  And even though it took Sam a good hour to warm up to being involved, he had a great time biking and gorging on sugar cookies.

coconutHad an awesome snack on Saturday.  Nothing like fresh coconut.  YUM.

wallSam wanted to decorate his room and was pretty into this ski lift garland we had left from the tree so we put it up next to his bed.  We also crafted this little Santa and HAD to put it up.  I’m sure we’ll have quite the collection of “decorations” as the weeks go by.

IMG_3398Still loves the snow globe.  If I turn it on, he’ll usually start dancing!

plankingAnd I’ve been planking…a lot.   There’s a “merryplanksmas” challenge going around the internet/instagram to train yourself to do a 5 minute plank hold (elbows are hardest) so I’m giving it a go.  I can already tell my core and abs are getting stronger.  I was SO sore all last week, holy cow.  I love that there is a goal to work towards, even a little one like this.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold it the full 5 minutes come December 31st, but I’m going to try my hardest!! I’m up to 1 minute 25 seconds total…5 days in.

And this Good Monday Morning is the first that I haven’t lost any weight since Oct. 1st.  See?  I’m not crazy for giving away so many treats!  Between the parties we went to and just life in general, I can see why that happened.  Plus, I knew it would happen at some point along the way.  I just have to keep being dedicated and not get down on myself.  I’ve made big changes for the better and I’m heading in the right direction.  It’s a new week and I’m ready for it!


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