Meet Miss Victoria



Sam’s most favorite, favorite teacher at Kinder Care.  When she leaves or isn’t there, he cries.  When she goes to the bathroom, he has a mini meltdown.  He has given her a Halloween and Thanksgiving card and she is always so grateful and just loves him so, so much.  She seems so young to me (I don’t know how old she is) but does so great with Sam and his little group.

She plans her breaks around his nap in the afternoon when he’s there so she can be the one to put his blanket on and tell him to have a good nap.  To say he adores/has to have/needs her when he’s there is a bit of an understatement 🙂  All of the teachers there adore him and the things I hear over and over are… “We love Sam so much.  He’s so nice and smart and talks so much!  We love having him here!” And of course, they all comment on how much he loves Victoria.  As a parent, that makes me feel really good.

He does talk about the other teachers when she isn’t there, but he always talks about and asks for Miss Victoria. As far as how it’s going…he’s been doing so much better.  He no longer cries and melts down on our way or when we walk in the doors.  When he finds out we’re going about an hour before we leave, he no longer cries the entire time we’re getting ready to leave the house.  It’s been great.  He talks about some of his friends, other teachers and more often now he’ll sing songs and talk about stuff he does at “preschool.”    I appreciate the time I have with Sam SO, SO much now that I’m away from him part time.  It’s been so good for all of us thus far.




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