Good Monday Morning

We’ve been doing some Christmas-ing around the house….christmasingThis week we’ll go find a lovely and small tree.  Can’t wait!

workfromhome2I started working from home last week.  Best.thing.ever.  I do miss seeing co-workers, but not as much as I love not having to commute 45 minutes to an hour.  And working in PJ’s or comfy clothes?  Also, the best thing ever.  I have my cozy “office” set up in the guest room downstairs so that I can have the door closed on Sunday’s when Dan and Sam are home, it worked out great this morning and I’m lucky to work with great people, who allow me to do this!

workingsam2I had about 30 mins of work left on Thursday when Dan and Sam came home.  I told him this is where I work now and it’s my office.  I told him I’d be up in a bit.  Later that night and the rest of this weekend, he pulled his chair up to his “computer” and kept saying “just doing my work mom and dad…I’ll be up in a bit!”  So cute.

brinleesamWent to a super fun birthday party for his friend Brinlee.  Oh my she is cute.  It was their first date 🙂

shuffling2He’s been zoning out lately to his tunes on the ipod.  I’ve been taking my shuffle along with us since he loves to listen so much in the car.  He looks so big to me in this picture!

fishtacos2We’ve had some yummy food lately.  Last week we had Ali, Mark and girls over for some fish tacos.  Oh man they are good.

popcornAli brought her air popper over to make a little treat.  Sam’s first time seeing popcorn popping this way.  Sad?  Kinda, but if we do have popcorn we do it the old school way in a brown bag in the microwave.  He thought it was so cool!

babykaleIf you like kale and you go to Costco, you should really be buying this.  We just found it a couple weeks ago.  I’m not a huge fan of the flavor of kale all the time, but this baby kale is mild and oh so nice in my salads.

onionsoup2Last night Dan made french onion soup.  Holy cow so tasty.  It’s from America’s Test Kitchen in case you want to make it.  I shredded a little parm on mine.  It’s so good and rich, you almost don’t need that tons of melty cheese and bread…but, we both agreed that would still be awesome on it 🙂

And speaking of food, this week is our annual Girl’s Night Out to bake all of our fun holiday treats!  I love this night when my Mom, Ali, Jenn, Sheri and Kerrah get together for some dinner, lots of chatting and baking.  Can’t wait!

I’m also down 2 lbs from last week.  I felt a little sluggish last week and didn’t think I’d lose much of anything, but my hard work and good habits keep paying off!   I will be super excited to lose little by little like this through all the holidays.  I’m so used to gaining weight between Halloween and New Years, but this year WILL be different and that’s exciting to me!

DSCN9957And just because I came across this picture the other day and I laugh everytime I see it.  This was almost exactly this time of year, two years ago.  Oh, how he’s grown since then.  Love him.


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