Good Monday Morning

What a wonderful and long holiday weekend.  The weather was awesome, we played a lot together, ate good food and did a bunch of fun stuff.

We started Friday off with bike rides.  The trails are so perfect right now, we couldn’t resist…AND, Sam loves the skills park so it’s one of the best places to be on a nice day.  Dan rode with Sam while I got in a ride then I took Sam home for a nap while Dan rode.  Win-Win!  We played over at Jamons for a bit on Friday evening.  My first taste of eggnog for the holiday season.  Oh so good.

Saturday I took Sam skiing with Siri and Ali while Dan went for another ride.

He seemed excited when we got there.  I thought he would be extra excited since Siri would be along side him.

Not so much 😦  Halfway down the tows he was done…and that’s OK!  He’s so little still that I’m just going to take him up there and whenever he’s done, that’s good.

“I need to go see the frosty.  I need to go see the snowman!”

Siri did so awesome!  She didn’t want to leave, which is a huge step for her.  She’ll be shredding in no time!

Saturday night w headed downtown for cousin Spencer’s reception in the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  Thought we might as well walk around and see City Creek and some lights.  So seriously busy, but really fun to be with Matt, Benjamin and Emily the whole time.  Love them!  We’ll go down another night when it’s not quite as busy to see the rest of the lights and candy windows.

He loved the fountains of course.

Oh, and we can’t forget!  I found his Frosty from last year that he was obsessed with.  He carried it around until I hid it in February.  While Dan was putting up the lights, I found it in the depths of one of our closets.  I brought it up and when I showed Sam he was beyond excited.  “Oh, he came back from the north pole mommy…look!”  He’s been taking extra good naps since his friend has been joining him 🙂 So silly.

And I really don’t like putting entire pictures of myself on here but I want to remind myself that I’m making and seeing changes and progressing to this healthier life, even though I still have a long way to go.  I feel I’ve come a long way and really have good and new habits going.  I indeed ate a few too many treats and things over the past five days, but managed to be down another 1lb since last week.   Moving in the right direction and feeling good.


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