Good Monday Morning

Down 1.5 lbs from last week.  Feeling good and ready for Thanksgiving week with a whole new way of looking at food, my choices and how much I {don’t} need to eat on Thursday.   I’m going to enjoy myself, indulge a little and not feel guilty about anything.  It’s so freeing and refreshing to feel this way!   We’ve also been cooking a bunch of yummy stuff the past week.  Here’s a sample…

Slow cooked bacon baked beans.  We were supped to have dinner with the lovely Sedra, but Ed ended up getting sick.  So, she ran over one of their amazing (times 10!) smoked chickens and we gave her some beans.  We got to eat delicious food on Friday night, but missed the company.  Next time!  These were so good and filling and good.  Oh yum.   Alton Brown’s recipe HERE.

We made a really fast and easy chicken and rice dish earlier in the week.  This one is from America’s Test Kitchen.  Also super yummy and could be tweaked in a couple different ways.  It was actually not much rice at all.  Lots and lots of chicken in there.  This is the most beans and rice I’ve had since starting this new eating adventure.  I could feel the effects…

Last night between playing  at Ali’s, Dan pressure cooked these beef ribs.  They could have used about 10 mins longer but they were also very good.  A bit too fatty for me, but Dan loves them.  I did some sauteed brussel sprouts and then braised them in our stock and ended that little sauce with some butter and poured the remaining juices and cooked onions and garlic from the beef over them.   Yeah, way tasty.

Went skiing on Saturday afternoon.  See that smile?

Yeah, it didn’t last very long.  He’s much more independent this year and stronger, which is good but also bad at the same time.  It didn’t help that it was snowing and fairly cold.  We’ll try again on a bright sunny day!

I did however have a great time after Dan and Sam went in for a treat.  Re met me on Sunnyside and we did a run together.  She’s one of the first girls I skied Alta with all the time back in the day.  Love her!

We went from skiing on Saturday to bike riding on Sunday.  He was seriously excited.  They were out for a good two hours when Dan called to come rescue them 🙂

So thankful for my boys.  They bring SO much added joy to my life!


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