Food, haps and other things

This post is going to be very random.  I think that’s how a lot of them are these days 🙂

Food….we’ve been cooking a lot of yummy things.  We also went out to a new Pho noodle place.  Dan is pretty particular when it comes to these kind of places and we both really liked it!

That is ox tail in there.  Gross…but Dan loves weird meats.  I had lettuce wraps and tried his broth.  LOVE the broth.

Some else really loves the broth as well.

Broccoli (some spinach) Chedder soup.  We needed to use some bacon so we baked it in the oven and crumbled it on top.  It was seriously good.

Easiest dinner ever.  I always have a good sausage from Costco in the freezer for fast meals.  I roasted some green beans and at the end, threw some shredded parm and some hard smoked gouda on top.   Super tasty!

All in all my food the past few weeks has been pretty spot on and on track.  I’ve had a major hankering for dark chocolate and try not to eat too much.  I have to admit though that yesterday, I had more than a handful…but that’s just real life.  Moving on…

It’s supposed to snow starting tomorrow, so we got in a bunch of biking yesterday.  So pretty.

The swinging weather this week has also been pretty awesome.

Now that it’s darker earlier, we’ve had to be creative in our time inside.  Sam says, “Mom, he made it to the finish mark!”  Love his imagination.

I joined the gym again for the winter.  I plan on doing one, if not a couple bike races next summer so this will help not only for boredom in working out during the cold months, but also keep me in fairly good shape for when spring biking begins.  Plus, Sam loves the toys at the little daycare, so it’s a win win for the hour I’m there.

And a little bit about work….I’m loving it.  I’ve had to cut back on my hours since it’s just slow right now, so I’m only working two days a week til after Thanksgiving.  It’s wonderful that I don’t have to get up by 6:15am on Sunday for that short time, but that money really is needed.  Most of you know that I wanted to start working for a change, for something different and time for me and for my brain to think and just have different experiences day to day.   That is still a huge reason, but another main reason is the fact that in reality, we have a lot of medical bills to pay from Naomi.  We’re also looking at a 90% chance of Dan having surgery on his hurt foot.  We have to do whatever it takes to get him healed and back to normal if at all possible.  I want to help contribute my earnings towards all of this.  It makes me feel proud that I can and relieves some of the stress off Dan.  And even though I don’t HAVE to work, this is definitely working out for us as a family in the most positive way.  And, Sam is doing better and better at Kinder Care each week.   So, let’s hope all of you start buying gifts on soon so I can go back to working those extra hours on the weekend! 🙂

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