Sunny in St. George

Today I am thankful I got to spend  the last four days with these lovely ladies…

Glad you could join us for brunch, Kerrah!

Our 2nd annual girls trip to St. George was so fun!  We did lots of hiking, biking, eating, relaxing, talking, movie/tv watching and just hanging out.  It was delightful and very much needed for all of us.   Thank you to Ali’s in-laws for the most awesome house that we always get to use.  The best.

We stopped in Leeds for a quick little hike before we got into St. George.  So glad Jenn remembered this place.  So cool and pretty and awesome and I can’t wait to take Sam there sometime 😉

2 minutes from the house is a sweet trail system that goes towards Snow Canyon.  I could hike and bike there every single day, probably multiple times a day.

So fun.

We celebrated my Mom’s 65th birthday on Saturday!  She requested going on a hike with all of us…

and playing some Rummicube (this one game took forever!!!)

…and she also wanted to take a ride in the convertible so of course, I drove her around in style.

And before she and Jenn had to leave we ended her day with a yummy dinner out….and a huge dessert!  Happy Birthday Mom.  Love you!

Ali and I ended our stay with an early hike for her and a 9am bike ride for me…

…and these delicious protein packed pancakes!  So yummy.  Thanks sisters and Mom for a great weekend away!

And in other non-trip related news to keep me accountable, I managed to lose 2 pounds since last week.  I’d say that’s a huge success considering it was Halloween and the next day I went on this trip, which happily  involved lots of good food.  I made smart choices, but also let myself indulge a little.  It was a perfect balance.  (starting weight 5 weeks ago- 200….today’s weight-188.5)


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