I’m thankful for so many things in my life.  I wanted to try and do a “30 days of thankfulness” type thing but in reality, I don’t have time to blog everyday.   So, my intentions for blogging this month will try to be focused on what I’m thankful for…even the very small and tiny things.  I think it will be good for me to think of even the smallest things I’m grateful for.

Today I’m thankful for a healthy {closer to three} year old who had tons of fun last night.  Seriously, seeing the joy and pure fun he had going up to houses for a treat just made me smile-at every single house we went to.  He got to walk around with his neighborhood friend Behr, so that made it extra exciting.  He’s independent enough to go up to the door without us while we stood on the street and watched.  Seriously, I smiled so much it was kind of silly.

Quick, blurry picture.  The only one we got of us three.  I still love it though.

Love them.

I’m off this afternoon to a much needed girls trip to St. George with my sisters and Mom.  (we’ll miss you Sheri!).  Lots of nice weather, girl time, biking for me and just relaxing and hanging out will happen.

Happy November!


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