Good Monday Morning

This morning Sam was in his costume by 7:30.  Totally normal, right?!  Right 🙂  I love when they say goodbye for the day.

Before I overload you with pictures from our weekend and a few from last week, let’s talk about food and how this is all going so far.   I’m down 2 lbs from last week.  I’ve hit my initial goal of losing 10 pounds.  It only took three weeks, which is a huge success in my book!  I’m learning so much about myself, my habits and how I DO NOT want to go back to the way I used to look at and eat food.  Sleep and energy is still awesome everyday…reason enough for me to keep on keeping on.  Some people at work have started to notice what/how I eat and I’m finding it really cool to share my lifestyle with them and the reason why I stay away from certain foods.  The first question is always, “are you allergic to gluten?”  Nope I’m not, but by cutting that out of my day to day eating, I naturally make very smart food choices and it takes out all the crap/junk/sweets…etc I could be eating all the time like I used to.  Plus, I’ve noticed I feel more bloated and heavy when I do eat it.  I keep saying that I’m not opposed to a yummy treat or something with gluten or sugar in it every once in a while…and that’s just it, every once in a while.  This  works for me, but others cannot fathom giving that up. (you won’t know the benefits until you try!)  I still have a long way to go, but I’m slowly making progress.   Now onto some food we’ve been making…

More shepherds pie.  Oh my word this is so freaking good!  And that pureed cauliflower?  Dan put three different kinds of cheeses into it this time.  Seriously yummy.

A quick weeknight meal of ground beef, purple and green cabbage and lots of asian flavorings.  It’s like making lettuce wraps or cups with the filling, only all in one.  I just made it up as I went and it turned out pretty darn good.

Made another round of dressing.  I usually make this once a week or two.  I always use that container for measuring.  I’ve never actually measured it out in tablespoons or anything like that.  I just fill to the 4-4.5 oz. line with red wine vinegar, a little balsamic and a little soy sauce.  Then I fill up to the 12 0z. line with olive oil.  After that, I put in about a tablespoon of dijon mustard and then micro plane garlic into it.  The key here is 1) the bit of soy sauce and 2) letting the garlic sit and get all yummy in there.  The longer it sits, the better it tastes.

And these macadamia nuts?  Oh man are they good.  And addicting.  And good.  I make sure to measure out the serving, otherwise I’ll eat and eat and eat them 🙂  Very good for you in small quantities.

Dan made these awesome candied walnuts to go in the salad we brought to family dinner last night.  These are also very addicting.  I heard Dan say multiple times that he was having a hard time NOT eating them.  Good thing we only make these once in a great while.

Now onto our the haps the past couple days and some from last week…

Sam was invited to one of his cute friends birthday parties.  He especially loved this “magic drink”  He couldn’t stop talking about how he went down the slide into the balls and drank lots of his green drink.  Fun party, Jessica!

Dan and I both got a ride in.  I’m pretty sure that fall mornings provide some of the best riding we have.

Of course Sam comes with us.  He and Dan rode around the Cycle and Skills park while I rode.  He was ready for round two when I was done.  I decided to join him in the fun!  He seriously shreds out there.  So proud of the little guy and his love for this!

Sam found his costume last night at Grandma’s.  Thank goodness for cute cousins and hand me downs.  The best.  And as you saw, he already put it back on right after waking up this morning.  Thanks Jenn!

We took Sam to the pumpkin patch again.  Not to get pumpkins, but just to let him ride the train there however much he wanted.  I convinced the lady to let us have unlimited rides for the price of one.  He was pretty excited to say the least.  The weather is about to turn cold and wet.  I’m a little excited actually.    We have a fun week full of work, playing, kinder care, hosting a little Halloween party and playing with Siri and Jane all day on Wednesday!


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