The weekend…mostly in Instagram

After being so busy last week, it sure was nice to be with Dan and Sam all weekend.  I did have to work from 7am-1:30pm on Sunday, but it flew by.

Saturday morning it was just Sam and me.  He insisted on going to the digger park, so of course that’s what we did.  I’m pretty sure he could spend hours and hours there.  The only reason we left was because it started to rain a bit too much for his liking.

I got in an awesome ride.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I called this a “beautiful gloomy fall ride”  It was just perfect.  Almost no one on the trail and the trail itself was in perfect condition.

Before his nap on Saturday, he wanted to work on “popping a wheelie, Mom!”  It was raining a bit, but he still wanted to practice outside.  I love how excited he gets!

While Dan went on a ride, we went on a long walk to the park.  He mostly just wants to “see the Halloween” and go the park.  He likes to ride or stroll around the neighborhoods to see what kind of decorations and scary stuff people have on their house.

Dinner last night.  Dan wanted to make chili, but we didn’t quite have enough ingredients for the kind we like.  So, he made up a different version of it.  Kind of reminds me of the shepherds pie mixture, only this really did taste like chili.  Topped with scallions, plain yogurt and some sharp chedder.  It was a bit spicy for my taste, but still way good.  Sam ate two bowls!  That kid…if it’s spicy or sour, he’ll eat it.

And, after feeling so good on both of my rides this weekend, I thought I’d weigh in this morning just to see….Down 3 lbs from last week.  Pretty awesome I’d say.  I’m mostly excited about the change in how I feel physically, not so much about what the scale says.  My clothes are already fitting better and of course the energy I have and the better sleeping.   Just those two things have been worth the changes I’ve been making.


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