Eats, sleeps and other stuff

It’s been interesting…this whole eating what’s good for me thing and the way I’m looking and thinking about food these days.  I’m going on two weeks now of primal eating.  A new lifestyle.  A better and healthier way to fuel my body to live each day.  I definitely believe in a really good treat, don’t get me wrong but I don’t need a really good treat or bag o’ carbs everyday…sometimes multiple times a day.  This was how I used to “fuel” my body for those bike rides, heavy lifting and just being an active mom and woman in general.  I’m amazed at how bloated, heavy and lethargic I felt-even just two weeks ago.  I keep thinking maybe it’s a  joke or fluke or something at how much energy I have throughout the day and then right around 9:30-10pm I’m tired and ready for bed.  I go to bed, fall asleep within about 10-20 minutes.   I wake up around 6:30-6:45am ready to be up for the day.  This part of the change has been awesome and quite frankly, a huge life and money saver.  I was going through sleeping pills for two months after Naomi was born to see what would work and I haven’t gone back to them them for at least 3-4 weeks.  The last two weeks have been so great as far as sleep goes.  Even if I have to get up because Sam is crying or needs something in the wee hours, I go right back to sleep…this used to NEVER happen.  Just the sleep issues that have been getting better for me have been worth this change (and dollars saved in our pocket on pills):)

My day to day food doesn’t vary a whole lot, except for what we have for dinner each night.  I like this, especially now  that I’m working three days a week.  It’s just easy to prep my food and know exactly what I’ll be eating.  Today, for our last day of training they bought us pizza.  Like, A LOT of pizza and then candy for dessert.  I didn’t have one spec of it.  I wasn’t even tempted.  My mind is shifting at the way I look at these kinds of situations.  It’s empowering.  It’s refreshing.  Just the fact that I didn’t feel the urgent NEED and WANT to have that food is a huge step.  The other folks I was training with had seen what I was eating all week and looked at me when they all had their pizza and were like “we knew you weren’t going to eat this!”  That’s not to say that I won’t splurge every once in a while, but the splurging will be in control and spent on really good food:)

Dinner is something different each night.  The only thing that stays the same is that we always have some sort of protein and lots of veggies.  We’ve started cooking with this….Coconut oil.  One of THE healthiest and best for you oils out there. (found at Costco)

We also bought some Macadamia nuts.  Also the best nuts for you.  It’s a bummer they’re pretty pricey, but we thought we’d splurge every now and again for something different.  I normally toast walnuts or almonds for a snack or in my salad each day.

Our weekly shopping cart usually looks like this.  Rotisserie chicken, jerky, berries, eggs, greens, broccoli, snap peas, peppers and whatever else looks good and what’s needed.  Once a month is usually canadian and regular bacon and sausage.  We also like the frozen bag of berries.  Dan makes a yummy “ice cream” with those.  Too bad they don’t sell a good dark chocolate chip.  I would buy the huge bag in a second! (at least 62% cacao).  Speaking of dark chocolate…it’s starting to taste pretty darn sweet since I’ve cut out most sweets/sweetener(s).  Sam is also a big fan of them.
I would however splurge on one of Ali’s baked goods.  Probably even our friend Kelley H.’s baked goods once in a while, too:)

Here’s some of our dinners the past week or so…

Dan makes killer fish tacos.  I chose to eat it sans corn tortillas.  SO, SO good. And that sauce…yeah, yummy.  It’s plain yogurt, lime juice and chipotles.  Easy peasy.  He just grills mahi mahi or tilapia with a rub of his own and then does a little “slaw” with cabbages, cilantro and lime juice.

Last night I wanted breakfast for dinner.  I needed to use up some cottage cheese and pumpkin puree, so I tweaked THIS recipe a bit.  I tripled the recipe to make enough, added three heaping tablespoons of pumpkin (could have added more), lots of cinnamon AND fresh grated nutmeg.  They came out pretty moist on the inside, but that was OK since you aren’t using flour.  I thought they were so good!  And Sam, of course he loved them with a little syrup.  Packed with protein.

And this.  This my friends has to be THE best version of Shepherd’s Pie I’ve ever had.  We do pureed cauliflower with scallions and feta for the “topping.” It’s just like mashed potatoes, only I’m positive it’s better.   Man, I could eat bowls of that stuff.  You can find the meat recipe HERE.  It’s Alton Browns.  We really like him.  This is our primal friendly version of the dish.  Ali and Jenn-you would LOVE it!

He liked it.  Even dare I say loved it?!  He’s SUCH a picky eater these days, that I was surprised when he at two big servings worth.  Good job!

This was my view at lunch most of the week.  I honestly couldn’t get sick of these salads.  The dressing people, it makes it.  This day I decided to have some dried salami instead of chicken.  Today I had tuna made with plain yogurt, banana peppers, scallions and diced celery.  Eaten with a bag of greens and some fruit.  We’re also way into club soda.  La Croix sparkling water in particular since it has a hint of lemon, lime or orange.  It’s good for when I crave a diet soda…I’m mostly just looking to satisfy that fizzy, bubbly thing I want.  It’s a good replacement.

So that’s a little more about what I eat.  Breakfast is eggs or a protein drink that I would add a half a banana, milk or berries to. Good for when I have to work at 7am on Sunday’s.

And no blog post is complete without another picture of him.  It’s just happiness.  Lots of happiness right there.  He’s back to his normal self and spent all yesterday with Dan while I had my last day of training.  He was so happy when I got home.  Such a good boy.


2 thoughts on “Eats, sleeps and other stuff

  1. Definitely going to try the shepherds pie. What do you put in your ‘protein drink’? You obviously do a great job of eating lots of vegetables and protein, how have you mentally and physically come away from sweets? I need details, because they are the end of me!

  2. I allow myself dark chocolate every night if I want. Also, it’s just sheer will power really. My feelings are that of… I had hit a “rock bottom” of sorts about my eating habits and weight, so I just knew it had to be done. Plus, if you follow the primal way or something similar, it automatically cuts out most of those foods (and I don’t make mock baked goods- not right now anyway, because then that’s moot point) So, if you don’t eat most gluten, it naturally happens. I honestly can’t believe I’ve made it two weeks with no baked goods, candy, treats…etc besides a half of a sweet tooth fairy cupcake at Mom’s last Sunday. THAT was delicious and enough of a treat fix for how my palate is changing.
    So, I guess in one word it’s willpower.
    I certainly don’t think you should have to give it up, but if you’re someone like me who needs to lose a lot of weight, it has to be done.
    And, you’re pregnant, Ali. Don’t worry about that stuff right now….(I know, not a great excuse, but I’ve learned you should splurge a little at this time in your life)

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