You know that feeling…and some success

…when you were going to start your first day of school or something totally new?  That’s how I was feeling all day yesterday.  I knew everything would go well and that Sam would have so much fun with Linda, but I was still so nervous.


One thing I haven’t missed about work is the commute.  I was stuck in traffic for a bit, but happy!

By about 1pm my worries started to fade some and I could focus on my work.  It was a good, long day.  I saw people I haven’t seen in forever and all of them were so nice and excited to have me back.  It felt good.  I’ll be glad when these five days of training are over, I can already tell.  I’m already feeling like I didn’t have much time to play with Sam and try to get a workout in and be involved in dinner.  You full time working Mom’s are amazing!  I’ll just have to get up earlier a couple days this week to fit that in so I can focus on dinner and playing with Sam and Dan when I get home.  I’m thankful for my 3 day a week work schedule that starts next week:)


My view for most of the day.  Does it look boring?  Yeah, kinda.  We have a good trainer though, so that makes up for the stale environment.


And dinner tonight is brought to you by Dan.  I cook a lot these days, but I wanted to do a small workout and play with Sam, so he whipped this yummy dinner up.  Burger with some of that sauce in it, grilled to perfection.  Braised brussel sprouts in our homemade stock with a little butter added at the end.  The sauce is yogurt, jalepenos and chipotles.  Super easy and fast.

And, I weighed in at 194lbs this morning.  Success!!  Down 5.5lbs in a week. I know that it won’t be normal to lose that much in a week, but I thought that might happen with the switch I’ve made to eating this way and cutting out all processed/junk foods/lots of carbs/most sugar.  I had to be really prepared to take all of my food for the day to work and it turned out to be pretty quick and easy, thankfully.  I’m just taking this one week at a time, as it’s going to take a while to reach each 10lb goal I have and then maintain for the rest of my life 🙂  I wanted to stray a bunch last week and just eat whatever, but I stuck with it. I even allowed myself a small treat over the weekend, it was good!

Baby steps to a healthier lifestyle and way of thinking about food 🙂


Before bed stories.  I love these two.  So much.





One thought on “You know that feeling…and some success

  1. Holy cow! 5.5 lbs in one week is awesome!!! I am so in awe at you. So many changes in such a small time period… It’s just amazing what you are doing. Keep up the great work!

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