I was surprised…

…when I peeked into see what the little man was doing during quiet/nap time yesterday at Kinder Care.  He was one of three kids actually asleep!  Like, out like a light sleeping.  All while the lights were on and six or so kids were up and about playing.  I could only see his head and the rest of him was cozy under his blanket (really wish I would have snapped a picture!). All in all it was a pretty successful first day for him.  I was relieved.  Big sigh of relief for now.  Since I won’t be able to check/spy/peek in on him when I’m working, I thought I’d do it this once since I had the entire day to myself.

Speaking of the entire day to myself…this was my view for a lot of my bike ride.  I love where I live.


I had a nice day to myself, but it went by in a flash since I had a lot of “to do” things to get done.  It’s nice to be able to go get your tires changed and go to Costco sans kid.  SO nice.

Dinner last night


It might look boring to you, but anytime you roast veggies, especially carrots…so good. You must try it. Root vegetables work especially well.   I shredded some aged Gouda and Parmesan at the end.  Extra yummy. That’s ground beef with salt and pepper, charred nicely on the grill.


And this is a typical lunch.  Homemade dressing, rotisserie chicken, snap peas, peppers, toasted almonds, feta and I threw in some of our last growing tomatoes.  Lots of greens to fill the mixing bowl.  Seriously good.  Sometimes I’ll do walnuts instead, or maybe not.  Just depends on how I’m feeling and what we have.


And no post is complete without some sort of Sam.  This mornings fun times brought to you by this awesome Christmas light fort that Jessica made.  It’s a great idea for inside and out.  Thanks for play as well Partains and Siri.


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