And he’s off…

For his first day of Kinder Care!  This is WAY harder on me than it is on him, I’m sure.  Despite his crying and not wanting to go for 20 mins before we walked in, he was more than happy to start playing with the toys and thought all the new stuff was super cool. Today is his trial day so that he’s somewhat used to it when I start work next week.  Although he ‘s only going to be there twice a week, I can’t help but want to still be in control of his day, routine and schedule.  BUT, this is a new and exciting chapter beginning in his little life and I hope he thrives. I hope I don’t cry too much more, either 🙂


Onto some other stuff…This new lifestyle and my eating habits is going well.  It’s hard not to just grab a snack or treat whenever, but my willpower the last four days has been pretty darn good.  I’m excited to see what happens over the next month.  And, I felt pretty awesome on my ride last night.  No heavy or bloated feelings (this was common when I’d eat too much or the wrong thing) so I felt “light” and enjoyed my bike a lot! Image

I’ve had a bunch of questions as to what I eat throughout the day.  Especially since I keep my carb intake to a minimum.  Just because I’m not eating pasta, breads and anything with gluten, doesn’t mean I’m not getting carbohydrates.  I get most of them from fruit and veggies…and a bit of dark chocolate.  Here is a typical day, and it varies a bit depending on if and how much I ride and what my workout is like.

Breakfast-2 eggs with some sort of protein (bacon, sausage, canadian bacon) & tea.  Maybe some berries if I feel like it.

Snack (both morning and afternoon) will be string cheese or some sharp cheddar or yogurt with-jerky, nuts, coconut flakes or fruit.  Lara or KIND bar depending on the day.

Lunch-a BIG salad (like, in a mixing bowl)  Lots of greens, whatever veggies we have, leftover meat or rotisserie chicken from costco, a little feta and some nuts.  I make my own dressing that is seriously SO good.  My sisters even think so 🙂 And, it keeps in the fridge forever.  I eat til almost full or satisfied.

Dinner-some sort of meat and lots of veggies.  We use the BBQ a lot and love to roast our veggies when it’s cooler, so that will be happening a lot now.  Dan may or may not have rice with dinner.  Sam usually eats whatever we are and also likes rice or potatoes if Dan wants them.

Treat-dark chocolate chips.  Just enough to get curb the sweet craving.
I’d like to try a bunch of new recipes here soon, to make things more interesting for dinner.  And no, I don’t get bored eating a salad everyday.  The variety in it keeps it interesting and very filling.
I’ll try and post pics of my food and some recipes later.

I’ve been trying to do fun stuff with Sam, as this is our last week of full time stay at home mommyness…

Went to the skate park, wheeler farm, picked lots of tomatoes, played some with Ali and girls and other random stuff.


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