Tuesday Tidbits

First off, thanks to so many of you for your awesome comments and for cheering me on through what I know is going to be the hardest, yet best things I do for myself.   The plan is to take it day by day and week by week.  Small goals at a time.  I appreciate that so many of you love me inside and out no matter what.  That means so much to me and I thank you.  But, this is all about being real and honest and really…. no woman who is as short as I am should weigh this much.  If I want to stay around to see Sam grow up and be involved in his active life, it’s a must for me to slim on down 🙂

I remember what it felt like last summer when I trained for my big bike race. (174 lbs there)  I felt AMAZING.   I don’t want nor have the time (and daylight)  right now to be riding hours upon hours like I did, but I want to have that feeling back.  I was so happy in my skin and the direction I was going.  Also, I’ve never been one to be obsessed with the scale, so you won’t see me weighing myself all the time.  I like to go by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting.  Yes, I’ll weigh once every week or every other.  It’s still important and part of what I’m doing here.

Now for some random tidbits…this will be how a lot of my posts go.  The happenings of our days and how I’m eating/ feeling/doing/managing.

We met some cute, new friends up at this awesome playground at Snowbird.  It was perfect.  Cool temps and Sam could play here all day!

Seriously pretty up there

You’ll see a lot of this.  I don’t purposely drink gallons of water.  I drink when I’m thirsty and try to keep water with me wherever I go.  I also love, love my cup of tea in the morning.  Green tea with some honey.  I also love some Chai tea.  Sometimes with a little whole milk.   That’s dinner last night.  One of my quick go to meals is a really good homemade chili powder spice mixture that is mixed into ground beef.  I sauteed some bell peppers and white onions till browned and yummy.  Topped with some cabbage, which I normally try to mix with cilantro and lime, but didn’t have either last night.  Sometimes Dan likes to eat this with rice, sometimes not.  Sam usually chows it down.  In the next few days I’ll write about what a typical days food/eating/meals look like.

Part of being active for me is just playing with Sam.  It’s pretty typical that after his nap, we’ll go play outside.  He wanted to ride his bike, so we went on an adventure around the neighborhood.  As soon as he saw these, he instantly stopped and had to blow on all of them.  He was totally in the zone.  That was followed by “let’s do chases” all around the back yard and into the driveway.  We must have run around for a solid 2o minutes catching each other!

I planned to go on a ride, but that didn’t happen since Dan didn’t get home til much later than planned.  I ended just doing some intervals on the spin bike and lifted heavy.  Thankfully when I do all that, Sam happily plays downstairs right along side whatever I’m doing.  Such a good sport.  And, I got to play with these two after dinner and before bed.  I’d say it was a good trade off for not being able to ride 🙂


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